Apple Authorized Service Provider

Price Workmanship is 60€ + VAT. Terminals not collected after 1 month from budget or repair, will bear some costs 30 € / day. In case the terminal was sent back to the Technical Service and, having been the previous output status DECLINED Budget, it shall be sent as PREACEPTED BUDGET. (The cost may never be less than the previous budget).

Budget is authorized if the repair is not under the conditions under manufacturer's warranty. Non-acceptance of the budget involves the payment of 15 € for mobile devices, 25 € for laptops and 35€ for desktop terminals +VAT (Applicable under current legislation. If this percentage varies, the appropriate legal rate will be applied without previous written notification) + shipping costs. From the acceptance or rejection of this budget, the delivery date for the repaired terminal is 9 days, provided that no circumstances out of UNIVERSO10 S.L. prevent it.

Universo10 does not assume liability for data loss or damage (software) that may occur to the product during repair, and the risk that the data content is lost irreversibly. Universo10 reserves the right to format the internal storage devices to ensure proper operation.

Warranty: 90 days from the reparation date, being the only valid warranty for parts or exchanged equipment and not including: misuse, use of non-original accessories, software failure, manipulation by third parties, transportation damages, lack of packaging and surges or failures caused by force majeure (storms, earthquakes, etc.). Replaced parts or equipment will belong to our company that will make the appropriate management of these. If repaired parts or defective equipment is required it should be indicated previously, and a new budget will be prepared with the correspondent price increase.

I authorize that all personal data will be included in the Data Protection Department files, manuals or automatic registers, under ownership of Universo10 S.L. and that it will only be used for the proper management of the contractual relationship; also, if necessary, I authorize my personal data to be transferred to third parties, other repairing centres and after-sales services, for the purpose of proper provision of repair and after sales service, billing, and the possibility of receiving information related to the commercial and professional sector activity. I know that UNIVERSO10 S.L. is responsible for the data, with address at Carretera de Fuencarral - Alcobendas No. 20, Building Auge 1, 3rd floor, 28049 Madrid.; and as owner of the data can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the Data Protection Act by written request to the attention of the security officer at the above address.


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Apple Authorized Service Provider


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